Monthly Archives: August 2011

12 Aug

It’s almost here! Autumn! The time to wear that light sweater and see the beautiful colors of leaves that the trees start to dispose of. Although it might not be as hot and humid out, the sun still makes its presence known by gleaming out onto the shiny surfaces. I feel that the fall is a great way to show off the new trendy eyewear that designers have to offer. The frames are important, of course, but the lens technology to protect you is just as important. Recently I was blessed with a new pair of Persol Sunglasses, the Persol PO2720S Sunglasses to be exact. The polarized filter that the sunglasses carry helps a lot with bouncing of light that hits shiny surfaces, which trust me, it is a big distraction when you are trying to focus on driving. The polarized filter also helps tremendously on seeing colors at their best. By giving you a better contrast and helping the colors really pop out gives you a better definition of your surroundings. Many designers have presented this technology to their frames to help give customers the most for their money, but also to help protect their eyes from unwanted …
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