14 Jul

Maui Jim Sunglasses

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Where to begin? This incredible brand not only offers amazing technology, but also fashionable frames for anyone trying to stand out at the beach or even out in a sunny day. Their versatile sunglasses with their Hawaii feel makes you want to head to the beach where the sun will feel at its’ brightest. Maui Jim is recognized for their lenses in having a PolarizedPlus 2 capability where glare of light is blocked from above, below, and behind. Their lens colors consist of Neutral Gray, which helps deliver rich and clear images without a lot of bouncing light. They can be worn to protect your eyes from bright, direct sunlight. Another color is the HCL® Bronze that is ideal for any occasion of light (except the dark of course). Maui Roseâ„¢ gives you the highest contrast level by giving you a subtle rose hue for everyday use. One of their most popular (and my favorite) is the Maui HTâ„¢ is considered a high transmission lens technology that enchances contrast and depth.

After reading a lot about the lenses these past few days I had decided to try some on. Feeling like I have an abnormally large head I decided to go with some of their larger styles. The Maui Jim Kapena Sunglasses gives off a very sleek and professional vibe which is what I would be going for during the work week. My favorite style was the Maui Jim Nalu Sunglasses these had such a nice look to them off and on my face. They covered the sides very well and they were light weight which were a bigger plus! I also feel in love with the Maui Jim Alana Sunglasses that wouldn’t fit well on me, but my mother loved them, now she refuses to leave the house without them. The summer is a gruesome time for those that chose to not have their eyes protected, but Maui Jim really does help you keep your eyes safe and fashionable.


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