23 May

Oprah’s Final Show – Sunglasses Galore

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Having the opportunity to see the second and third to last show last week was an amazing honor. Another thing that was amazing to see was all of the stars that were presented that night. These famous individuals did have something in common with the rest of us, their choice in sunglasses and eyeglasses! Many stars were wearing them; to of course hide from the press but they looked great wearing them. The United Center was packed with all this fame and their fashion sense was top of the line, not just the celebrities wanted to look famous that night, but also the audience. Many wore great models such as the Prada Sunglasses PR10MS, Prada Sunglasses PR23MS, Serengeti Bocca Sun glasses, and many more! The night ended with an awesome energy after all of the musical performances, including those done by Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder (my favorite). Prescription eyeglasses were also some of the most popular accessories after the show, for a night on the town. Ray-Ban being the top of brands I had seen that night, made their presence known as one of the top accessories complementing everyone’s outfits. Having an extensive line of Ray-Ban Prescription Eyeglasses here at OpticsPlanet with competitive pricing makes it easier for you to choose a great pair for a great price! Treat yourself to a great stylish frame of eyeglasses or sunglasses today!


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  1. Such a shame to see oprah going, there are so many great things she has done over the years, she’s a true star and sees the bigger picture, thanks for the links by the way, I have been looking for some cheap oakley shades, any ideas?

  2. I still watch her shows I have recorded. As far as Oakley’s, OpticsPlanet and Eyewear Planet will be having Oakley very soon. We are in the process of getting them on the site before the holiday. Make sure to treat yourself to a pair, or two!

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