Monthly Archives: April 2011

20 Apr

It’s almost that time here in the midwest to be prepared for that summer sun! With all the excitement in the air it can be easy to not get the right pair of sunglasses. You  will want a pair to help with that harsh glare to help enjoy the view of the beach, or even while on that summer drive with the windows open or the top down on that convertible. Protection of your eyes is just as essential as the sunscreen lotion you require from the sun. My recommendation is to get lenses that have polarized filters in them. Polarized lenses work wonderfully and help with glare extremely; especially reflective glare from the water. They are popular among fishermen and even those who participate in water sports, but what most do not realize is that it can help you as well even if you’re not being involved in those situations. They also help when you are driving! That’s right! When driving it helps eliminate that glare from the shiny car in your distance causing you to squint your eyes. What fun is that? Get the full field of view by not allowing yourself to suffer from squinting. …
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