25 Feb

Spring/Summer Sunglasses!

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If anyone knows how hard it is to shop for those in season sunglasses or eyeglasses it would be me. It is imperative that I have the right pair for any application I am using them for. This the season for first off – a lot of rain, but also to start getting ready to get in the mood for that morning jog or run. Then to finally, after all this snow, go on a boat and enjoy some drinks out in the beating sun. It cannot get any better! Selecting the best pair of sunglasses for that sun is crucial and will ultimately help you enjoy yourself without having to wear out your eyes so much. Most if not all of the frames we carry here at OpticsPlanet are suitable for those active sports. Bolle has some great selections when it comes to those who love to run, bike, hike, and just about anything else.

My favorite pair of the Bolle line is the Bolle Snakes Fang Sunglasses and the Bolle Snakes Anaconda Sunglasses. They do have a similar style, but the Anaconda has a bigger lens for that added wrap around protection. These are also lightweight and can hold my prescription. Yes, that’s right these are able to hold your prescription lenses making the Bolle Snakes Anaconda and the Bolle Snakes Fang even better. Since they do have such a wrap to them, sometimes folks with higher prescriptions will have trouble with getting these. For them I have an alternative – the Wiley X SG-1 Sunglasses with Rx Prescription Lenses are the next best thing!

If you still require a prescription for the night time, we have an extensive selection of Ray-Ban Prescription Eyeglasses that will work beyond your expectations. Be ready for the upcoming season and get yourself or a loved one some great new pairs of sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Enjoy the upcoming months, stay tuned to see what else derives this year! Happy tanning!


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  1. Eye Doctor

    It is good to see a good brand for people who are very active. I have many patients who are picky and very into physical fitness and fashion. That being said, they still need prescription sunglasses.

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