15 Feb

Wiley-X Sunglasses and the Winter Gloom

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This winter is getting to me. I have heard about Seasonal Affective Disorders, Bright Light Therapy and Winter Blues. Well I think I got it, maybe all of them. The reason for my blog is not to tell you about my problems it’s to talk about my solution.

I was trying on sunglasses the other day and found a new one I just had to have. This model’s size and fit were perfect for me. I decided to order them for myself. They were the Wiley-X Zak Sunglasses. I own a few different models of sunglasses with various lenses all with separate technologies. I am a strong supporter of polarization. I appreciate the comfort one gets when wearing them. I actually wanted the Black frame with the Polarized Blue Mirror Green Lenses; thinking that this would be perfect. However I messed up and the option I received was the Black frame with the Bronze Flash mirrored lenses. I cannot believe I did that. But when I put them on….WOW. I really like them. The Bronze lens is like looking through rose colored lens. Everything is sharp and contrasted. Most hues in the warmer spectrum of the color wheel are great for highlighting. Browns, Ambers, Yellows and Vermillion all work great for bringing the detail and sharpness. However these lenses aren’t color correct. They will wash your view with their warm colors. I enjoy the flash mirror coating as well. Not only does it look cool by hiding my eyes, but it’s one more barrier for light to penetrate. That brings me to the point of my Blog today.

When I slid on my new Wiley-X Sunglasses for the first time outside I was suddenly cloaked with a happy feeling (warm-fuzzies). I was looking at a warm bright snow piles and big puffy snowflakes. I smiled before I could help myself. Okay, they may not be polarized but they have become my favorite winter sunglasses. As I have mentioned in past blogs the sun still shines in the winter. Harsh sunshine bounces off the snow causing blinding glare. It’s proven that UV strength is just as bad in the winter for your eyes then in the summer.

According to Puxatony Phil winter will be here before you know it. Well, I am not sure if I believe him, but I am ready no matter how long spring will take to get here. Get your warm lenses today, they are cheaper than pharmaceuticals.


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