11 Jan

Drivewear: The Super Hero Lens

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Drivewear is an amazing technology. How many lenses can change 3 colors depending on the conditions around you? How many lenses are both Polarized and Photochromic? Drivewear can boast all of the above. First while indoors you look trough a green yellow lens, then while driving in the car the lens changes to copper. Finally when out the great outdoors in full sunlight you have a reddish brown lens. To me this is amazing!

The yellow green color was chosen and designed to maximize useful light reaching the eye in low light and overcast conditions. Combined with the polarized filter it enhances visual acuity. The copper color is designed to remove excess light and to provide good traffic signal recognition; highlighting the reds and greens. Perfect for when you are behind the wheel. One of the most unique features of Drivewear is that it is the only Photochromic lens to darken behind the windshield of a car. When you are outdoors, Drivewear is activated by UV and visible light and deepens to a dark reddish-brown color. This color was designed for maximum filtration of excess light and to provide maximum protection from bright light and blinding glare. The brown color of the lens provides excellent color recognition with a special emphasis on highlighting greens. Because green is the most common color in the natural landscape, it’s a great visual experience to have these enhanced.

We are excited to offer this technology on most of our prescription sunglasses. If you do not have any vision correction needs we can still help you. Contact OpticsPlanet today and start seeing the world in the best colors possible.


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