21 Dec

Prescription Adapter for My Sunglasses or Goggles

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I recently had an encounter with a customer that had a great question! The question was: Can all sunglasses or goggles hold a prescription adapter?

The answer is no, at least not always. Most manufacturers usually have a model in their collection which will enable customers to use a prescription adapter, also known as prescription insert, with their product if they are able to design a frame that can hold one. The reason can be that they want a slimmer more compact frame and will not be able to honor an adapter. There is nothing to worry about of course, you can still get the same lens technology if you require the use of an adapter.

Bolle is one of the most known manufacturers to produce an insert for both their sunglasses and goggles. Frames like the Vigilante and Parole have the capability of using a prescription adapter so that customers can choose to use one in their frame. If you like to play tennis you might want to get the Competivision lens, and the need for the adapter will not hurt your chances to experience the technology of that lens. Their goggles like the Bolle Quasar can also use an adapter that will enable you to use their popular lens selection in comfort and ease.

If you feel that you do not want to use an adapter to experience this you do not have to. Although the Vigilante and Parole lenses already built into the frame cannot hold a prescription you can choose a Bolle frame, for example the Bolle Anaconda, that can have your prescription made into the lenses so you can avoid the adapter.

Which ever method you choose there is a level of comfort we can suggest for you depending on your needs and expectations.


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