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The Eyeglass Frame Happily Ever After

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My doctor has told me it’s time for new eye glasses. So naturally my search began with the best frames for me. I have a large round face so I am thinking about rectangular lenses that compliment my head and not advertise its size. Rectangular shaped frames would be best, as I want to add angles. Narrow frames will help make my face look longer. The Polo Eyeglass Frames PH2036 is a good example of this. People need to determine their face shapes: round, oval, oblong, square, triangle, or upside-down triangle.

Oval Heads: Considered the ideal shape based on the ideal balanced proportions. You can wear any eyeglass frame style you want so have a good time.

Oblong Heads: You’ll want to make your face appear more balanced and shorter. Avoid long, narrow, rectangular frames. Choose wide, square frames, low bridge, and depth from top to bottom. Consider the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Eyeglass Frames RX5121.

Square Heads: The trick is to soften all the angles so go for a delicate and narrow eyeglass frame. Oval shaped instead of round lenses like the Burberry Eyeglass Frames BE1169 would be great.

Triangle Heads: Narrow forehead with wider cheeks and chins. You may want to shift the eyes up so pick frames that are wider on the top. Decorated frames are ideal because they may distract the viewer. Try the Cazal Eyeglass Frames 4161.

Upside-down triangle Headed people: Counter-balance your face. Frames that are wider on the bottom or rimless styles work best for this face shape. Also, pick a frame that will disappear. I love the elegance of the D&G Eyeglass Frames DD4128.

Like prince charming with a glass slipper, I searched and searched. I finally decided on the Wiley X Deuce Ophthalmic Eye-Glasses Frames. Combined with lenses from the best lab in Illinois, I am very happy. I hope this helps.


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  1. This is some really solid advice on taking the shape of your face into account when you’re looking for some new eyewear. There are some additional things you should consider about your designer frames though, such as whether you want a more traditional look for work or a funkier style for the weekends. You should also plan ahead regarding whether your jewelry and other accessories will clash with your new glasses.

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