01 Dec

Are my Sunglasses Authentic?

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Usually one of the most common questions that people ask when the get a great deal on sunglasses is if they are authentic. There are sometimes different ways that manufacturers will mark their sunglasses to be able to tell if they are knock-offs or the real deal.

Ray-Ban which is a widely respected brand falls victim of being a victim of identity fraud in someway. What most people should know about being able to tell if you have authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses is by seeing the Ray-Ban logo on the top corner of the right lens. Also if you look inside the left temple arm of the sunglasses you should see the letters RB followed by usually a four digit model number. It should look something like this RBXXXX than color code of the lens (usually 3 digits, followed by the size of the lenses and the distance between the lenses.

Serengeti sunglasses, another known brand, has some unique ways to distinguish their authenticity. All of the Serengeti lenses are photochromic, which means that they will darken in sunlight and get lighter indoors. Another neat feature is that most lenses that are photochromic will not darken behind your car windshield since it already has UV coatings on it, but Serengeti lenses will darken behind the windshield.

We here at OpticsPlanet Inc. take the authenticity of our sunglasses and eyeglasses very seriously and we love to assist you in finding out if your new pair are authentic. You can always contact us if you feel you want to discuss a different manufacturer.

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