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21 Dec

I recently had an encounter with a customer that had a great question! The question was: Can all sunglasses or goggles hold a prescription adapter?

The answer is no, at least not always. Most manufacturers usually have a model in their collection which will enable customers to use a prescription adapter, also known as prescription insert, with their product if they are able to design a frame that can hold one. The reason can be that they want a slimmer more compact frame and will not be able to honor an adapter. There is nothing to worry about of course, you can still get the same lens technology if you require the use of an adapter.

Bolle is one of the most known manufacturers to produce an insert for both their sunglasses and goggles. Frames like the Vigilante and Parole have the capability of using a prescription adapter so that customers can choose to use one in their frame. If you like to play tennis you might want to get the Competivision lens, and the need for the adapter will not hurt your chances to experience the technology of that lens. Their goggles like the Bolle Quasar can …
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03 Dec

My doctor has told me it’s time for new eye glasses. So naturally my search began with the best frames for me. I have a large round face so I am thinking about rectangular lenses that compliment my head and not advertise its size. Rectangular shaped frames would be best, as I want to add angles. Narrow frames will help make my face look longer. The Polo Eyeglass Frames PH2036 is a good example of this. People need to determine their face shapes: round, oval, oblong, square, triangle, or upside-down triangle.

Oval Heads: Considered the ideal shape based on the ideal balanced proportions. You can wear any eyeglass frame style you want so have a good time.

Oblong Heads: You’ll want to make your face appear more balanced and shorter. Avoid long, narrow, rectangular frames. Choose wide, square frames, low bridge, and depth from top to bottom. Consider the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Eyeglass Frames RX5121.

Square Heads: The trick is to soften all the angles so go for a delicate and narrow eyeglass frame. Oval shaped instead of round lenses like the Burberry Eyeglass Frames BE1169 would be great.

Triangle Heads: Narrow forehead with wider cheeks and chins. …
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01 Dec

Usually one of the most common questions that people ask when the get a great deal on sunglasses is if they are authentic. There are sometimes different ways that manufacturers will mark their sunglasses to be able to tell if they are knock-offs or the real deal.

Ray-Ban which is a widely respected brand falls victim of being a victim of identity fraud in someway. What most people should know about being able to tell if you have authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses is by seeing the Ray-Ban logo on the top corner of the right lens. Also if you look inside the left temple arm of the sunglasses you should see the letters RB followed by usually a four digit model number. It should look something like this RBXXXX than color code of the lens (usually 3 digits, followed by the size of the lenses and the distance between the lenses.

Serengeti sunglasses, another known brand, has some unique ways to distinguish their authenticity. All of the Serengeti lenses are photochromic, which means that they will darken in sunlight and get lighter indoors. Another neat feature is that most lenses that are photochromic will not darken behind your car …
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