24 Nov

Prescription Sunglasses or Eyeglasses

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A common question that we get is if sunglasses will work as eyeglasses or vice versa. The answer to that is yes and no. Sunglasses sometimes have special lenses, such as polycarbonate, that will help block out more UV light if they have a tint color to them. Eyeglasses usually do not have a tint and are clear. Although you can get UV coating on the lens if you choose to have a clear lens on the eyeglasses you will have more light transmission coming through. Sunglasses differ in that aspect because you do have the capability of choosing a tint so that light transmission will be a lot less intrusive.

Eyeglasses are now presented with a feature that was first produced successfully in the 1990s known as modulator, transition, or light sensitive lenses. This feature allows the lenses to change in the presence of sunlight and has made prescription eye glasses popular to those who request it. Coating such as anti-reflective (AR) are also recommended to avoid and reflecting light to affect your vision.

Sunglasses on the other hand are great for people that are looking for something to wear in their active lifestyles. There are lenses for everything now a days, including to play tennis, go biking, and even skiing. They offer technology that will help make colors brighter and allow you to play your favorite sport with leisure. So even if you need prescription sun glasses, they have made this technology available to those who require it.

Think about what you will mostly need your eyewear for and make a conscious decision. Or get one of each, you can’t go wrong having both.


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