23 Nov

Gear Up With Snow Goggles This Winter

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If you plan on visiting the snowy regions of the world and go skiing, snow boarding, and enjoy other fun activities in the snow make sure to pack your snow goggles. Recently, we recognized the powerful types of lenses that the brand Julbo offered to us for running purposes. The great thing about them is that they also are great for activities in the cold snow. Knowing which lens to get for this purpose is also essential and Julbo seems to recommend the Zebra lens for most of their snow goggles. This Zebra lens offers a polarized filter that will help with those harsh glares as well as an anti-fog coating for the out of control humidity that arises, as well as being photochromic by adapting to bright light conditions.

Another favorite lens for those who like to ski is the orange and blue flash lens offered in the Julbo Superstar Ski Goggles. These offer a polarized filter also as well as a water repelling coating for when your speeding down those slopes and the snow gets on the surface of the lenses. It is also important to remember which style of goggles will work for you. If you wear eyeglasses you can always have the option to choose one of Julbo’s Over the Glasses (OTG) Goggles like the Julbo Revolution. This way you are able to still have on your prescription eye glasses and go for a ride.Â

Since it is difficult to determine whether a pair of goggles will fit you over the phone, OpticsPlanet Inc. has a hassle free return policy so that you may order your goggles and see if they will work for you. If you feel that they are too large or too small you have 30 days to return them.

We wish you luck and be safe out there with your new ski goggles!


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