16 Nov

Spy Optics Isnt Your Grandmother’s Snow Goggles.

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Today it was cold outside. It really has me looking forward to fun in the snow with great enthusiasm. I realize it may be too soon to think about these things but now is the time to prepare for winter activities. As OpticsPlanet prepares to beef up stock for the high volume of winter eyewear this is the best time to get your hands on a good pair of snow goggles and maybe a few replacement lenses.

My brand of choice on this blog topic is Spy Optics Goggles. I love how they look. Their products have a certain attitude. Snow sports are extreme sports and extreme sports call for hot accessories. Spy Optics offers hip and cool styles and graphics but they take their technology very seriously. Their frames are made from polyurethane and are therefore flexible. Each model has scoop ventilation which prevents fogging and the bamboo fleece foam combined with the triple layer Isotron foam wicks moisture away and makes you feel like you can wear them to bed. Their helmet compatibility helps eliminate gaps between helmets and goggles and works with the most popular helmet designs.

The lens technology for their goggles is designed to keep your vision clear. They use decentered ARC lenses. Decentered lenses are thicker in the middle and tapers at the edges which prevents distortion. Anti-fog and 100% UVA, B and C protection is a standard on every lens. It doesn’t stop there; you have mirror choices too. Unmirrored, mirrored and spectra mirror are your options. Unmirrored lenses give you simply protection. Mirrored lenses are for those who want extra protection and flare. Spectra mirror coatings gives you a multi layered mirror effect that is hot. Remember mirror coating is as eye-catching and unique as it is effective. Mirror coating cuts glare deflects light and looks cool.  For the people watchers: that attractive person can still see your eyes if you get yellow or blue lenses with spectra mirror.

Anyone whose knows me knows that my signature color is blue. For winter 2010 I have recently purchased my first pair of snow goggles. I have chosen the Spy Optic Targa II Snow Goggles. Â Now Jack Frost, bring it on.


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