02 Nov

Taking 3D Sunglasses to Fashion Standards

Posted by DannyV on

Hollywood is doing their part to make sure most feature films hitting theatres near you are in 3D. This provides a more interactive feel for the movie goer and makes those horror films much more exciting. What we find in our homes is also something new. Technology is growing dramatically, it seems almost on a daily basis. You might find a television set in homes now that has the capability of showing your favorite movie or show in 3D.

You might want to think twice about how you are viewing this new TV set of course. That standard boring black frame it comes with is not going to be up to par with your wardrobe. Many high end fashion moguls like Oakley and Gucci, have come out with a more modern and stylish frame that will help enable this technology. These designer sunglasses are just the beginning of where these can go. Sunglasses that have this 3D capability are growing exponentially and have the potential to be just as popular as the 3D television sets sold.

Although they may be a bit overpriced, it seems that the public is getting on board with this new invention and they are making sure they have a pair of sunglasses that will compliment their stylish lifestyle.


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