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24 Nov

A common question that we get is if sunglasses will work as eyeglasses or vice versa. The answer to that is yes and no. Sunglasses sometimes have special lenses, such as polycarbonate, that will help block out more UV light if they have a tint color to them. Eyeglasses usually do not have a tint and are clear. Although you can get UV coating on the lens if you choose to have a clear lens on the eyeglasses you will have more light transmission coming through. Sunglasses differ in that aspect because you do have the capability of choosing a tint so that light transmission will be a lot less intrusive.

Eyeglasses are now presented with a feature that was first produced successfully in the 1990s known as modulator, transition, or light sensitive lenses. This feature allows the lenses to change in the presence of sunlight and has made prescription eye glasses popular to those who request it. Coating such as anti-reflective (AR) are also recommended to avoid and reflecting light to affect your vision.

Sunglasses on the other hand are great for people that are looking for something to wear in their active lifestyles. There are lenses for …
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23 Nov

If you plan on visiting the snowy regions of the world and go skiing, snow boarding, and enjoy other fun activities in the snow make sure to pack your snow goggles. Recently, we recognized the powerful types of lenses that the brand Julbo offered to us for running purposes. The great thing about them is that they also are great for activities in the cold snow. Knowing which lens to get for this purpose is also essential and Julbo seems to recommend the Zebra lens for most of their snow goggles. This Zebra lens offers a polarized filter that will help with those harsh glares as well as an anti-fog coating for the out of control humidity that arises, as well as being photochromic by adapting to bright light conditions.

Another favorite lens for those who like to ski is the orange and blue flash lens offered in the Julbo Superstar Ski Goggles. These offer a polarized filter also as well as a water repelling coating for when your speeding down those slopes and the snow gets on the surface of the lenses. It is also important to remember which style of goggles will work for you. If …
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22 Nov

It’s just around the corner, and some of us have not even started yet! It is imperative that we try and get that last minute gift and to make sure that we get it quick. Sunglasses are just the best stocking stuffer or even a present for that person you never know what to get for. This year was a big year for sunglasses and eyeglasses. New technology was discovered such as TruFocals, and technology that was around before is now being recognized a lot more, such as polarized lenses.

OpticsPlanet Inc. is here to help you find the right pair for you and make sure that your shopping for the holidays this year goes smoothly. We carry popular brands such as Bolle, Serengeti, Prada, D&G, Ray-Ban, and many more. They all have there unique styles and they continue to strive in the fashion world.

Let this year be a breeze for you and get your loved ones a nice pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses. You can also order most of our eyewear in prescription form if you want to go the extra step.

Happy Holidays from all of us at OpticsPlanet Inc
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16 Nov

OpticsPlanet and EyewearPlanet is one of the leading online retailers of Prescription Sunglasses. They offer great selections, low prices, and A+ customer service. When it comes to customer satisfaction their Eyewear Department will go the extra mile to get the answers and assistance you need. They offer the latest Prescription RX Sunglasses models from top sports, military and designer eyewear manufacturers. As an authorized distributor for all the eyewear brands they carry, they can boast quality. Due to high standards and rigorous inspections most orders take 2-3 weeks to process your custom order. However, some brands do offer expedited service.

Prescription Sun Glasses are a unique way of expressing yourself and correcting your vision issues while outdoors. Take advantage of the convenience and the free shipping.…
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16 Nov

Today it was cold outside. It really has me looking forward to fun in the snow with great enthusiasm. I realize it may be too soon to think about these things but now is the time to prepare for winter activities. As OpticsPlanet prepares to beef up stock for the high volume of winter eyewear this is the best time to get your hands on a good pair of snow goggles and maybe a few replacement lenses.

My brand of choice on this blog topic is Spy Optics Goggles. I love how they look. Their products have a certain attitude. Snow sports are extreme sports and extreme sports call for hot accessories. Spy Optics offers hip and cool styles and graphics but they take their technology very seriously. Their frames are made from polyurethane and are therefore flexible. Each model has scoop ventilation which prevents fogging and the bamboo fleece foam combined with the triple layer Isotron foam wicks moisture away and makes you feel like you can wear them to bed. Their helmet compatibility helps eliminate gaps between helmets and goggles and works with the most popular helmet designs.

The lens technology for their goggles is designed to …
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10 Nov

The first time anyone mentioned magnification dates back to the 1st century AD, a tutor of the infamous Emperor Nero of Rome, wrote: “Small letters are seen enlarged and more clearly through a globe or glass filled with water”. They say Nero even watched the gladiators (not the movie) using emeralds as a corrective lenses. Sunglasses in the form of flat pieces of smoky quartz protected the eyes from glare and were used in China as early as the 12th century. At some point a genius in the mid 18th century named James Ayscough came along and combined the two features. This english optician developed blue and green corrective lenses which gave birth to the use of sunglasses for correcting optical impairments. Now we have prescription sun glasses.

Prescription Sunglasses have changed the world. Today many people can enjoy the great outdoors while seeing clearly. Military personnel can protect our country and see all the details in harsh conditions. And the sun bathers can people watch and not miss a thing. Not only can prescription sun glasses correct vision problems but they can remove blinding glare and protect the eyes from sun burn. Contacts are great but your eyes …
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02 Nov

Hollywood is doing their part to make sure most feature films hitting theatres near you are in 3D. This provides a more interactive feel for the movie goer and makes those horror films much more exciting. What we find in our homes is also something new. Technology is growing dramatically, it seems almost on a daily basis. You might find a television set in homes now that has the capability of showing your favorite movie or show in 3D.

You might want to think twice about how you are viewing this new TV set of course. That standard boring black frame it comes with is not going to be up to par with your wardrobe. Many high end fashion moguls like Oakley and Gucci, have come out with a more modern and stylish frame that will help enable this technology. These designer sunglasses are just the beginning of where these can go. Sunglasses that have this 3D capability are growing exponentially and have the potential to be just as popular as the 3D television sets sold.

Although they may be a bit overpriced, it seems that the public is getting on board with this new invention and they are making …
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