20 Oct

Windy City Sunglasses

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It is October. You can feel it in Chicago from the wind drying out your eyes. It is nice to watch the different color leaves fall from the trees and be able to stand in line for that haunted house attraction, but the wind sometimes can be too much and cause eye irritation.

The question I asked myself this week as I was waiting for the train, was what will really help me in protecting my eyes from dealing with this weather condition? I immediately cancelled out the option of wearing a set of goggles since I was not going snow boarding, but even at that point I was desperate. My co-worker advised me the next day that wrap around frames would eliminate a lot of that unwanted wind in my eyes. I started researching and of course testing them out. Lo’ and behold he was right. This was the answer all along because the wind was no longer a factor in me standing outside. Bolle and Serengeti have a few style of sunglasses that carry wrap around frames that I enjoyed. The Bolle Traverse has big lenses for that added protection and they fit so cozy and come with a strap for versatility, sometimes I would even forget they were on my face. Big lenses will also help you maintain your peripheral vision while you are outdoors. The Serengeti Fasano is also a great style for going out on the town. They have a very modern style to them. Both of these frames will keep you looking good in that harsh wind.

 Now I just have to find a way to get the train here on time…


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  1. Randolph Aviator

    I like aviator sunglasses because they cover so much of the eye socket and keep debris from flying into your eye while walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

    I haven’t been able to afford Serengeti’s yet, but I am sure that Serengeti Aviators work equally well.

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