13 Oct

TruFocals? What are they?

Posted by DannyV on

Technology is great! We all know this. The question is, how is it going to effect the world of eyewear?

Sunglasses do not have x-ray vision or release lasers that will melt rubber, at least not yet. TruFocals is something innovative that has just been released to the public some weeks ago.  It has amazing technology that will contain a small sliding switch between the two lenses, this will help adjust your prescription if you would like a clearer image.

This is not as complicated as it may sound. The eyeglasses themselves come with 2 lenses built into each eye, one that moves, and one that is stationary. The one that does not move will be your regular prescription for everyday use. The TruFocal is a great feature because if you are trying to make something out that still might not be as clear you can simply slide the switch over for a more refined, clearer image. Another impressive feature of this, is that it actually contains a fluid that alters the flexible lens to change the correction. You may think that there will be bubbles in the lens, but they have perfected this so you do not have that problem.

We are excited to see how far TruFocals can go and we only wait to see how OpticsPlanet Inc. can adopt this feature.


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