01 Oct

Ancient Egyptian Sunglasses

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I consider myself an amateur Egyptologist. I enjoy studying the culture, religion and art. I came up with this theory that I thought I would share this week.

The Ancient Egyptians and many other cultures used to use a mineral ore ground compound called kohl. It was originally used as protection against eye ailments. There was also a belief that darkening around the eyes would protect one from the harsh rays of the sun. This is much like football players with their eyeblack.

These were primitive and effective ways of deflecting blinding glare. This is exactly what polarized lenses do. Polarized lenses are extremely popular and cut glare from reflective surfaces like water, tarmac, glass and shiny surfaces. For years outdoor sportsmen have enjoyed the advantage that these lenses give them. They block blinding glare and greatly enhance visual acuity, color contrast and comfort. I say this all the time; There is just no substitution for quality polarized lenses.

Not everyone can enjoy the comfort of polarized lenses. Pilots are not able to wear them due to the LCD screens on the planes controls. You may also have trouble viewing the cell phone, GPS or the ATM. However, for most other sports and activities, polarized sunglasses offer great advantages. And today, many polarized lenses are available in combination with other features that can enhance outdoor experiences.

Consider Serengeti Sunglasses with their Photochromic and Polarized lenses. The combination of those two technologies makes them truly a stand out brand. I also am impressed with Julbo’s Camel, Falcon and Octopus lenses which boast Polarization, Photochromic and anti-fog lenses among other features.

Let’s imagine what Hatshepsut would look like admiring her dazzling new obelisk in the temple of Karnak 3 thousand years ago with polarized lenses.



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