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20 Oct

It is October. You can feel it in Chicago from the wind drying out your eyes. It is nice to watch the different color leaves fall from the trees and be able to stand in line for that haunted house attraction, but the wind sometimes can be too much and cause eye irritation.

The question I asked myself this week as I was waiting for the train, was what will really help me in protecting my eyes from dealing with this weather condition? I immediately cancelled out the option of wearing a set of goggles since I was not going snow boarding, but even at that point I was desperate. My co-worker advised me the next day that wrap around frames would eliminate a lot of that unwanted wind in my eyes. I started researching and of course testing them out. Lo’ and behold he was right. This was the answer all along because the wind was no longer a factor in me standing outside. Bolle and Serengeti have a few style of sunglasses that carry wrap around frames that I enjoyed. The Bolle Traverse has big lenses for that added protection and they fit so cozy and come with …
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13 Oct

Technology is great! We all know this. The question is, how is it going to effect the world of eyewear?

Sunglasses do not have x-ray vision or release lasers that will melt rubber, at least not yet. TruFocals is something innovative that has just been released to the public some weeks ago.  It has amazing technology that will contain a small sliding switch between the two lenses, this will help adjust your prescription if you would like a clearer image.

This is not as complicated as it may sound. The eyeglasses themselves come with 2 lenses built into each eye, one that moves, and one that is stationary. The one that does not move will be your regular prescription for everyday use. The TruFocal is a great feature because if you are trying to make something out that still might not be as clear you can simply slide the switch over for a more refined, clearer image. Another impressive feature of this, is that it actually contains a fluid that alters the flexible lens to change the correction. You may think that there will be bubbles in the lens, but they have perfected this so you do …
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07 Oct

The OpticsPlanet Blog has been helping patrons, prospective customers and internet surfers for 3 years now. It is the Eyewear Groups mission to support, offer assistance and sell quality eyewear to the public. Not only is our mission to sell great prescription sunglasses, designer sunglasses, goggles and eyeglasses but we are here to empower and educate the public.

Shopping online can be daunting so we are here you. Researching is the most important step when considering buying eyewear online. Talk to your doctor for suggestions of materials and other medical concerns. Eyewear Group will contact our qualified labs for further inquiries you may have. Thousands of people agree that they have had a positive experience buying from us and we will continue to make shopping from Optics Planet Inc. your first choice. Call us, email us, drop a line in our forum or simply read our blogs. We are excited to earn your business.…
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01 Oct

I consider myself an amateur Egyptologist. I enjoy studying the culture, religion and art. I came up with this theory that I thought I would share this week.

The Ancient Egyptians and many other cultures used to use a mineral ore ground compound called kohl. It was originally used as protection against eye ailments. There was also a belief that darkening around the eyes would protect one from the harsh rays of the sun. This is much like football players with their eyeblack.

These were primitive and effective ways of deflecting blinding glare. This is exactly what polarized lenses do. Polarized lenses are extremely popular and cut glare from reflective surfaces like water, tarmac, glass and shiny surfaces. For years outdoor sportsmen have enjoyed the advantage that these lenses give them. They block blinding glare and greatly enhance visual acuity, color contrast and comfort. I say this all the time; There is just no substitution for quality polarized lenses.

Not everyone can enjoy the comfort of polarized lenses. Pilots are not able to wear them due to the LCD screens on the planes controls. You may also have trouble viewing the cell phone, GPS or the ATM. However, for most …
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