15 Sep

Martha’s New Sunglasses

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Imagine. Running along Lake Michigan with a light sweater, sweat pants and a White Sox cap.

 That description would be of my friend Martha, running along the beach front enjoying the weather and finding sometime to think about anything at all. It cannot be all good Martha. The sun is bright and the reflection of the water is making you squint, a car is also driving by and the wax job it received is noticeable with the harsh glare ruining your train of thought.

These are very noticable symptoms of what happens when you decide to go play a sport, walk, or even when you are doing a marathon for a good cause. There is a secret to all this.

Sunglasses. The very thing that will help make this run perfect for Martha. It is not just any sunglasses, no, you have to select the lenses that will fit the condition you are running in.

I have come across the Julbo Run Sunglasses which have something called a Camel Lens. The technology of this lens is amazing. Not only is it polarized, which eliminates those harsh glares, it is also both photochromic and anti-fogging. I personally like the photochromic part because it will change darkness whether you are inside or outside. So no matter if you are running indoors or before the sun comes up it still adapts to those conditions.

Bolle also has their versions of the Bolle Parole and Bolle Vigilante which have interchangable lenses and allow you to change them for different sports such as tennis, golfing, even for just going on a walk.

Regardless of what style is best for you, make sure you are protecting yourself in all ways. Especially your eyes. Those are the most important.

Happy running Martha!


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  1. This Martha, she sounds so cool.

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