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22 Sep

Doing online shopping for sunglasses is always something fun to do. To my surprise I found a pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses I just had to get.

I was very familiar with the Ray-Ban Aviator and the different styles it came in, but the Ray-Ban Caravan was a little different. It is almost the same concept as the aviator but the lenses are square. They are still comfortable and lightweight. While also carrying their infamous crystal green lens. This was a great choice for me because I was not a fan of the tear drop lenses the aviator carries. I am still able to have the same quality lenses and carry a legendary model by Ray-Ban. This particular model has an all purpose use. You are able to use it while driving, going for a walk, or watching a favorite outdoor activity. The affordable price is another plus for these and the fact that they are prescription friendly allows them to be more versatile to those who need a prescription.

 Now you can have a great style of sunglasses if the aviator is not for you. If you have a chance to try them out you will know what …
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15 Sep

Imagine. Running along Lake Michigan with a light sweater, sweat pants and a White Sox cap.

 That description would be of my friend Martha, running along the beach front enjoying the weather and finding sometime to think about anything at all. It cannot be all good Martha. The sun is bright and the reflection of the water is making you squint, a car is also driving by and the wax job it received is noticeable with the harsh glare ruining your train of thought.

These are very noticable symptoms of what happens when you decide to go play a sport, walk, or even when you are doing a marathon for a good cause. There is a secret to all this.

Sunglasses. The very thing that will help make this run perfect for Martha. It is not just any sunglasses, no, you have to select the lenses that will fit the condition you are running in.

I have come across the Julbo Run Sunglasses which have something called a Camel Lens. The technology of this lens is amazing. Not only is it polarized, which eliminates those harsh glares, it is also both photochromic and anti-fogging. I personally like …
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14 Sep

I love the fall. Sure the summer is great but fall fashion is so cool. Sweaters, Jackets, Jeans and of course Sunglasses all make fall great. Many people don’t think of sunglasses outside of the summer months. Well the sun is still out and working hard against your skin and eyes.

I sometimes think that people take their eyes for granted. It’s a shame because we only have 2. Sunglasses not are only for protecting your eyes against harmful UV light but are very useful against fall winds blowing particulate matter into your eyes. People with fair complexions and light eye should especially take care to prevent sun damage to their eyes.

Remember that OpticsPlanet carries the largest selection of sunglasses online and they are constantly changing and improving their stock. You will need at least one pair for every jacket and coat that you plan on wearing this season. Their collection also includes sunglasses and goggles for every sport. Be sure to see the new and exciting EyewearPlanet layout as well.…
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03 Sep

OpticsPlanet, Inc. is constantly striving to be better. Our store front and dispensary is available to view and try on the latest styles in eyewear. We can offer even more high-end designer brands that are only found at boutiques. The difference is you do not have to pay the high boutique prices.

We are able to give our customers more of what they want, and that is a wide selection of authentic sunglasses and eyeglasses. The best part is you can walk out with your favorite style immediately. Brands like Burberry Sunglasses, Anne Klein Sunglasses and Miu Miu Sunglasses just to name a few. And if you enjoy shopping in the comfort of your own home you can still find us here at OpticsPlanet and Eyewear Planet.…
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