31 Aug

Walking With Confidence

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Make everyone stare at you.

Emma Stone portrays a very risqué role in the new upcoming film called “Easy A.” Her style in this movie playing a high school student makes her even more likable. You see her walking down a hallway wearing a black corset like dress embroidered with a letter ‘A.’

She is also wearing these great sunglasses that compliment almost everyone’s face. The star is wearing what is known as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. This is one of Ray-Ban’s most popular models of sunglasses that have been around for decades.

Since the early 1950s we have been graced by a popular model from Ray-Ban that has been so versatile to the fashion world. By simply implementing different colors and designs it has kept its popularity.

Do you require a prescription? These frames will compliment a prescription for those that require one, which makes them that much more attainable. You can verify with our Eyewear Specialists over at OpticsPlanet.com if you feel that your prescription will not work. Â You can also reach us at 800-504-5897 and select option number 5.

The specific ones that we believe she is wearing are the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses RB 2132 in the black frame with a gray lens. That is only one of combinations available in this style.

Be sure to check these out and with confidence we can say we know you will make the same impression Emma Stone makes in her new movie.


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