11 Aug

You get what you pay for

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It’s summer. There are street fairs, festivals, gas stations and even kiosks at the mall. They all have something in common. They are trying to sell you sunglasses for 5 dollars or 3 for 10. Last week I even heard a man yelling “buy one get 2 free”. I actually laughed out loud. I try not to be a snob so I walked over and took a look at his wares. I saw many a Ray-Ban and Prada sunglasses knock-offs.

I used to tell myself that I didn’t deserve expensive sunglasses because I lose them or I break them. Then I stopped and thought; if I spend a lot for a good pair of sunglasses I will take care of them.

There is so much to consider when buying sunglasses. Look for authenticity if you are into brand names. Most authorized retailers should have a card or warranty information to prove the products legitimacy. Consider the technology of the lenses as well. Whether you are an intense sportsmen that needs a fog-proof lens or a fisherman that would like to get polarized lenses. Maybe you just want a lens that will adjust to the constant light changes even behind the windshield of your car. We only have 2 eyes and protection is the key. There are better materials the can even withstand high velocity particles. Frames have even come a long way. Some frames have shock absorption and some can even be twisted without breaking. It’s about features and benefits. Consider Julbo, Wiley-X and 7Eye sunglasses just to name a few. All this can be done but it’s worth more than 5 dollars.

Treat yourself. Buy a pair of good sunglasses and you will see the difference. If you don’t believe me try a friends on, if they will let you.


Larum Dean is a Senior Eyewear Expert, Fashion Eyewear Consultant and Optician at OpticsPlanet, Inc. "Being a natural salesman I bring class and sophistication to the team while making the customer feel valued. Most of my life has been in retail, be it shoes, jewelry, books or clothing, I know my stuff. Fashion and style are important to me."

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