27 Jul

Correction vs. Protection

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Sometimes finding prescription sunglasses can be frustrating. I have found that ophthalmic eyeglasses are for correction and sunglasses are primarily for protection. The problem can occur when these two ideas meet.

Not every frame works with everyone’s prescription. People with high astigmatism should choose a flat frame as a wrapped frame will cause blurriness and distortion. Every frame has a limit and that limit has to do with how curve or flat the frame is and whether the frame is conducive to your prescription. If you want wrapped prescription sunglasses, there are some manufacturers who offer wraparounds with less extreme curves. However they are still subject to a limited prescription range, it is better to discuss with the optician or a qualified specialist about which frame is right for you. Sometime people have to settle for regular ophthalmic frames with tinted lenses.

Today the trends are large lenses and extreme wraps. This is good if your prescription is within plus or minus 2.00. The rest of us have to pay attention to the limitation of the frames. A good rule to go by: the higher your prescription and the more correction needs you have, the smaller the lenses should be and flatter the frame.


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  1. I agree depending on your prescription is how you need to choose your frame. Also keep in mind what you are using the sunglasses for, if you just want the for driving you dont need to go so big but if you want them for the beach you need more coverage.

  2. Yeah sometimes it is very difficult to select sunglasses with maximum protection and correction. A highly expert optometrist will help you to select an appropriate size of a frame that will surely fulfill the correction and protection requirements.

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