02 Jul

Prada Sunglasses Upgraded, Tyler style.

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Summer is here, and it’s official. Cookouts, cold beer and cool shades; the 3 C’s. My best buddy loves Prada sunglasses. He recently found out that his perfect vision is no longer perfect. I’ll be honest I don’t feel sorry for him. I am a -5.00 in each eye he’s only -.25. He has it so easy. He can still wear his really cool Prada sunglasses and even with prescription lenses in them. Why his prescription has anything to do with it is because the higher the prescription the more limitations there are. Tyler doesn’t have to worry about the curvature of the frames causing blurriness and distortion.

He was disappointed that his Prada Sunglasses PS50IS from the Prada Linea Rossa eyewear collection would hardly be worn again, only if he was wearing contacts. I hooked him up. I found the Prada Prescription Sunglasses PS50IS and his fears subsided. Not only did he get the same sharp frame but he was able to enhance the value by upgrading the lens. He ordered polycarbonate lenses that are scratch resistant and block UV rays. They are also light weight which is good for a frame this large. Tyler brought it to a whole new level by ordering polarized lenses. Polarized lenses have a filter that blocks blinding glare from light bouncing off of surfaces e.g. the road, the dashboard, windshield and other cars. What he realized was that polarization greatly enhances visual acuity, color contrast and comfort. No other lens or treatment can perform this awesome function. Polarization just can’t be substituted. I work in the eyewear business and I can tell we spend a lot of time together because he also included anti-reflection or AR coating. I was impressed. AR coating is a great feature that removes annoying reflections and ghost images that can be noticed when wearing dark polarized sunglasses. This is applied on the back side of the lenses of sunglasses and on both sides of clear ophthalmic eyewear.

Who said prescription sunglasses had to be boring? Just like the series “Pimp my ride”, well Tyler pimped his Prada sunglasses. He made them 10 times better. 10 time more valuable and made me very proud in the process. I really can’t stand him.


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