10 Jun

OpticsPlanet is supporting Chicago Blackhawks! We won!!!!!!!(part II)

Posted by Kristina on

What did I tell you!! I had no doubts that Blackhawks would win!! I was at the bar watching the game the whole night. It was so intense that I bit all my nails off :). We could not hear a thing when the game started, but after the 3rd goal that Flyers made the whole bar went dead. People were really quiet watching the overtime. When Patrick Kane made that goal the place went wild. I, personally, lost my voice and can’t talk today. People were dancing on tables, taking pictures with people they don’t even know, hugging and kissing each other. It was beautiful! The city was even crazier last night. Fireworks were everywhere. People were running around and giving high fives to people in the cars. It was amazing! I am sure we have more seasons like that coming!!! I wish I was there today meeting the team when they came home. I heard Blackhawks let their fans touch the Stanley Cup. This is what I call a real team with a real spirit! Go Chicago Blackhawks!

And guess what! I am getting my Ray Ban sunglasses! However now I am not sure which ones I want and if I want Ray Ban at all :). Help me choose! I like Ray Ban RB3267 sunglasses, Burberry BE3026Q sunglasses, or Serengeti Vittoria sunglasses.


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