09 Jun

OpticsPlanet is Supporting Chicago Blackhawks!!

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OpticsPlanet Blackhawks FansGo Blackhawks!! Today might be the day when Chicago Blackhawks will become Stanley Cup Champions. Last time they won was a while ago and I really hope that today will be their lucky day. Optics Planet is supporting the team all the way. For the whole day today we are wearing Blackhawks Jerseys. I am wearing one myself along with at least half of the company!

One of my good friends is actually a fan of Philadelphia Flyers. We made a bet, who ever wins the finals will get a pair of any Ray Ban sunglasses. My choice would be Ray Ban Aviators sunglasses. He likes Ray Ban Wayfarer more. So far the game has been pretty intense, but I am sure that by the end of today I will get a brand new pair of Ray Bans. :) OpticsPlanet Blackhawk Fans part II


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  1. I love the first picture. Who was everyone laughing at?

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