19 May

Bolle Rx and Serengeti Prescription; the Real Deal!

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In case you didn’t know it: OpticsPlanet, Inc. is an authorized dealer of authentic Bolle and Serengeti Prescription Sunglasses. Carl Zeiss Vision is the producer of quality optics for 120 years. They are known all over the world as the developer and manufacturer of corrective lenses and their coatings. So it’s only natural that Carl Zeiss should produce Bolle and Serengeti prescription lenses.

The Bolle authentic Prescription Sunglasses program offers all the sports and active lifestyle sunglasses with the addition of your very own prescription. Bolle Prescription Sunglasses are engineered to stay on your face during any and every activity. Many of Bolle’s frames feature Bolle Thermogrip rubber temples and nose pads that deliver firm and comfortable fit. They are the first brand I think of when a customer inquires about the perfect sports sunglasses. Now you can have them with your customized prescription for singlevision or progressive making them even more irresistible. Rest assured that they are protected by a one year warranty as well.

Every masterpiece deserves the perfect frame, and the Serengeti sunglasses lenses are no exception. Serengeti sunglasses offer uniquely designed frames that flatter the face with styles that range from classic to cutting edge. Serengeti’s incredibly lightweight yet rugged frames are crafted from the world’s finest materials. Now these wonderful Serengeti frames can be wrapped around world’s best prescription sunglasses lenses by Carl Zeiss! OpticsPlanet.com is proud to be one of the very few chosen on-line Serengeti Authentic Rx Program Authorized Dealers. OpticsPlanet.com Serengeti Authentic Rx Program offers Guaranteed 100% Genuine and You get all the Serengeti quality, style, and performance you expect from non prescription Serengeti sunglasses also with the addition of your custom prescription Serengeti lenses. Serengeti Authentic Rx Program offered by Serengeti through OpticsPlanet.com ensures that you get true Serengeti advanced single vision and progressive lenses.


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