21 Apr

True Story about my 1st pair of eyeglasses in many many years.

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I used to hate wearing my glasses when I was a kid. When I look at my old school pictures (pre-contacts) I see why. They are hideous and not to mention very large. When I was 14 my mother told me I could start wearing contacts because she thought I would be able to handle the care and responsibility that goes along with being a contact wearer. I did pretty well and didn’t let her down. As I grew into an adult I got pretty lazy about it. I no longer wore my prescription eyeglasses and relied heavily on my contacts. I wore them from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed because I hated the way I looked in eyeglasses. I would even wear the 2 week disposable contacts for a month to save money. What I didn’t realize is that our eyes need a break, but I didn’t care.

Now I am older and wiser (not to mention I work in the Eyewear Department at OpticsPlanet, Inc.) I have discovered that eyewear has changed, trends have changed. I can’t believe the amount of people that wear eyeglasses for fun. Often times they wear them without the need of vision correction. Ten years ago I would have thought that was ridiculous. Glasses are geeky no more! They are now accessories that not only correct our vision but also portray our personalities in a fun way! I mean look at all the celebs out there that are sporting them!

So I started to look at glasses much differently. They are attractive now. But most importantly I learned that paying for a great pair of ophthalmic glasses is more effective than paying for contacts every ninety days. First the hard part was finding the perfect frame for my face. I found a great pair that blends in on my face. It’s important that the person you are talking to sees my eyes not the glasses covering my eyes. There are even clear frames especially for this reason. This is helped by extra lens coatings as well. I finally decided to make my first pair of glasses in several years the Police 8148 Prescription Eyeglasses.  I got so many compliments and I think Police eyeglasses were genuine. And comedian/writer Jim Gaffigan once said “The only advantage to wearing glasses is that you can do the dramatic removal.” That is so true

Choosing the lens material and coatings was easy. You get what you pay for! I wanted clear polycarbonate because of its scratch resistance and the UV blockage is provides. The recommended sphere range is +/- 2.00-8.00, so I knew they wouldn’t be too thick. I requested the AR (non-glare) coating because it would enhance optical quality by removing reflections and ghost images. It even reduces light transmission and is so important when night driving.

My issue with eyeglasses was simply vanity. But my eyes have been opened so to speak. See for yourself; take a look at all the nice frames we have to offer here at OpticsPlanet.com. Your eyes will thank me.


Larum Dean is a Senior Eyewear Expert, Fashion Eyewear Consultant and Optician at OpticsPlanet, Inc. "Being a natural salesman I bring class and sophistication to the team while making the customer feel valued. Most of my life has been in retail, be it shoes, jewelry, books or clothing, I know my stuff. Fashion and style are important to me."

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