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21 Apr

I used to hate wearing my glasses when I was a kid. When I look at my old school pictures (pre-contacts) I see why. They are hideous and not to mention very large. When I was 14 my mother told me I could start wearing contacts because she thought I would be able to handle the care and responsibility that goes along with being a contact wearer. I did pretty well and didn’t let her down. As I grew into an adult I got pretty lazy about it. I no longer wore my prescription eyeglasses and relied heavily on my contacts. I wore them from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed because I hated the way I looked in eyeglasses. I would even wear the 2 week disposable contacts for a month to save money. What I didn’t realize is that our eyes need a break, but I didn’t care.

Now I am older and wiser (not to mention I work in the Eyewear Department at OpticsPlanet, Inc.) I have discovered that eyewear has changed, trends have changed. I can’t believe the amount of people that wear eyeglasses for fun. Often times they wear …
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16 Apr

Hello to everyone who reads our blog! The weather is finally getting better here in Illinois. It is sunny and warm! Isn’t that what we were waiting for! I wanted to give you a heads up that we are now, officially, selling Burberry sunglasses and Burberry eyeglasses. I am almost positive that everyone is familiar with that brand and loves it for a very unique brand name design. I always wanted to get a pair of Burberry sunglasses, especially if I saw someone else wearing them. They just look so good, don’t you agree.

Their collection is great. It has styles for absolutely everyone. They have sunglasses with a hidden logo for those who don’t like big logos on the frames. They have glasses with big logos for those who everyone to see what glasses you are wearing. They have small and large models. The best part is that every model comes with a custom Burberry carrying case. Burberry eyewear is also available in a prescription form!…
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