22 Dec

Prada Sunglasses – Linea Rossa Collection

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Prada Linea Rossa Sunglasses (or they are often called Prada “Red Stripe”) are designer sunglasses for sport enthusiasts. Prada SunglassesThis is a trendy line of Prada sunglasses that offers a unique combination of fashion and sport designs. The collection currently mainly consists of sun styles that vary from classic plastics to modern metal frames. All the sunglasses are accompanied with a red stripe Prada logo on the temples. Most of the frames are rxable and can be fitted with ophthalmic lenses. Check out OpticsPlanet full collection of the latest styles from Prada eyewear (including Prada prescription sunglasses) for more details.


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  1. Rx software

    cool collection.. thanks for sharing here… Prada Sunglasses PS54IS i liked this one.. but..!!!!!!

  2. Eyewear


    Prada eyeglasses always rock with rossa collection like before. Can anyone tell me about the price range of these amazing looking glasses?


  3. João

    Hi, can you please say which is the name of the model of the sunglasses in the picture? Thank you.

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