15 Dec

Flexible Spending Account Money – Use it or Lose it!

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Now is a good time to check if you have any money left on your flexible spending account. Most likely if you don’t spend it by the end of the year, you will lose it. The so-called IRS “use it or lose it” rule. If you haven’t scheduled a doctor’s appointment yet, you probably won’t be able to squeeze in as everybody is booked till the end of the year. I would recommend to spend some time reading your flexible spending account expenses guide. You will definitely find something you can use your flex dollars on. For example, besides medical procedures and prescription medicine, some programs cover such things as first aid kits, band aids, cough syrup, over the counter drugs, etc. Or if you need vision correction, you might get an extra pair of prescription eyeglasses. You can get some high end Ray Ban prescription eyeglasses and Polo eyeglasses, or designer Vogue prescription eyeglasses and D&G prescription eyeglasses with your pre-tax money. If you are a fashionista and already own a few pairs of eye glasses, think about a nice pair of prescription sunglasses that you can use for driving. Ray Ban prescription sunglasses or Bolle Prescription sunglasses could be a good choice.

Use it before you lose it 😉


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