Monthly Archives: November 2009

25 Nov

Cyber Monday Glasses Sale Guys, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! We all know that after Thanks Giving there are great price deals that you can find. It is a great time to start you Christmas Shopping since the holidays are coming very soon. :) You also, might want to get ready for the winter season and buy a pair of goggles for skiing or snowboarding.

Optics Planet will have a Cyber Monday Sale this year. You will find great deals on sunglasses, eyeglasses, or goggles. Lot and lots of sales will be available to everyone. I encourage everyone to check out our best sunglasses collection!!!! Happy shopping to all of us! :)
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09 Nov

Twilight SunglassesThe Twilight saga is discussed a lot today. The love story of a vampire and a teenage girl has divided the audience into fans and haters :-) Like any other popular movie would.

Many spotted the sunglasses Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) was wearing in the movie – Ray Ban Wayfarer shades. Ray Ban RB 2140 (color RB2140-901) model to be exact. Ray Ban is making amazing marketing efforts advertising this style. Robert Pattinson sunglasses And they are doing a pretty good job! This style hits all sales records … it has been one of the best selling styles for the last 50 years. You can see everybody wearing these sun glasses on the streets regardless of age, gender, or fashion preference. In addition to classic RB2140 sunglasses, Ray Ban issued two-toned Wayfarers, shield Wayfarers, and even tiny kids Wayfarer model. And I’m sure there are many more to come :-)
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05 Nov

I was planning to take the kids to Orlando to visit Disney World on their spring break. I was browsing the net making some research and came across with an interesting fact about sunglasses. “Since 1971, an estimated 1.5 million pairs of eyewear have been submitted to the Disney World Lost and Found. Over 100 pieces of sun glasses are stored into the Magic Kingdom every day.” Amazing, right?…
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