31 Oct

How popular Ray Ban sunglasses really are!

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I was sitting home the other night and decided to watch Nip Tuck TV show. One of the main characters, Christian Troy, was wearing sunglasses so I, as always, tried to see what sunglasses he was wearing. It turned out to be Ray Ban sunglasses. I am not sure what model he was wearing exactly, but they were Ray Ban Aviator styles.

Once again, it is amazing how much people love their Ray Ban sunglasses for many many years now. It has been popular 20 years ago and it is still popular nowadays. Even the most popular styles did not change since then. Ray Ban was popular with original Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and Aviator sunglasses back then and these 2 styles are still crazy popular for any generation of people.

For those of you who still don’t owe a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses I strongly recommend to check out their collection on our website! :)


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  1. optometrist

    Ray Ban Aviator styles are evergreen my favorite…. and i would like to share one of my related moment.One of my friend asked me what will be your first choice for sunglasses and then he gave me some options without Ray Ban…
    and i said Ray Ban will be the only glasses i wear… otherwise i will never wear any sunglass. He was shocked and thats natural i know because currently we are unemployed and just a student… Generally no kid will dream of Ray Ban but i did… and i know it will take years to fulfill my this dream to have such costly glasses…

  2. My friend has never worn good quality sunglasses. She usually does not spend more than $10 on any single pair of shades. We were driving to the store the other day, the sun was shining and she realized that she had forgotten her suns. I had an extra pair of Ray Bans in the car. She tried them on and was blown away! “The world looks different now, and it looks much better!” – that’s what she said. |o| That is so true. Great sunglasses can make a difference 😉

  3. prescriptionglasses

    its weird to see so many other brands are followqing ray ban’s style and have come up with similar looking sunglasses…its becoming hard to tell the difference….

  4. Eye Wear

    I feel that these sunglasses are an icon of American Pop Culture.No one can match the lens of an authentic RayBan.I have the exact same glasses but their “Foster Grant”s that just makes you old. But yeah vintage is in right now.

  5. Jack Smith

    Nip/Tuck has some great drama too in the story, the women in this tv series are gorgeous too eventhough most of them are mature–~

  6. Brooke Morris

    i love the storyline of Nip/Tuck both actors seem to have a very complicated life`~;

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