08 Oct

Gradient lenses in sunglasses. What is the purpose?

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I have been receiving a lot of questions lately about what gradient lenses are and how they look in sunglasses. The main purpose of gradient lenses is fashion! However, there is an advantage to the lenses too. If you are working outside and need to read a lot you don’t have to take off your glasses anymore to be able to see what is written on the paper.

Gradient lenses are lighter on the bottom and darker at the top with slight transition in the middle. Sunglasses with gradient lenses look very modern. If you look at our celebrities, most of them have gradient lenses in sunglasses. What makes it easier to read is whenever you look down to read you will look through a lighter part of the lens.

Personally, I like the way gradient lenses look. I think they add a mystery to your face and that attracts others. I would recommend for all of us to owe at least one pair of sunglasses with gradient lenses for those days when we are not sure what mood we ar in. :) D&G sunglasses and Vogue sunglasses have many models available with gradient lenses by default. Plus, now we can even make prescription sunglasses with gradient lenses for you.


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  1. Hi,
    Yes, gradient glasses are basically a fashioned lens which also helps in reducing sun light going maximum in your eyes.. If it suits your face then do try it on.


  2. Sunglasses do not make a style statement but help our eyes from dangerous radiations..
    So we should prefer branded ones and that too from reliable stores like opticsplanet sunglasses store.

  3. Albert, if you find a pair that protects your eyes from harmful UV as well as makes a fashion statement, that’s a win-win situation 😉 . Designer sunglasses brands like Ray-Ban, Serengeti, Bolle, Oakley, Revo, and many others stand out for their lens quality and unlimited choice of styles on the eyewear market.

  4. Rx software

    sunglasses are kind of passion for me from childhood.
    once my dad brought Gradient sunglasses from me and i started shouting on him because i didn’t liked that one as don’t know what does it means to fashion world in that days also… (i was just 14 at that time)
    now i m 21 and have many sunglasses of diff kind including three pairs of Gredient S.glasses but still its seems very funny when i think about that days…

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