01 Oct

Ray Ban Funky Colors!

Posted by Kristina on

Jersey Girl in Ray Ban RB2140 sunglasses

My mom was searching online, and found a picture of Jersey Girl wearing Ray Ban RB2140 sunglasses with Dark Turquoise frame and silver mirror lenses. She fell in love with the funky color of that frame. She, right away, asked me to get them for her, knowing that Optics Planet have all Ray Ban sunglasses. :)

Now, whenever, she wears them to the park or outside, she gets tons of compliments. It is amazing how people will never try something new themselves. I am talking about the new funky color collection that Ray Ban came out with. Teenagers love them, but older people are scared to look silly. However, when they see someone famous wear them, they want to buy it right away.

I am pretty sure that at least few people bought themselves same sunglasses after seeing my mom in them. And it is totally fine to try out new things, even if that includes wearing bright sunglasses. Ray Ban sunglasses are made for all group ages!


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