Monthly Archives: October 2009

31 Oct

I was sitting home the other night and decided to watch Nip Tuck TV show. One of the main characters, Christian Troy, was wearing sunglasses so I, as always, tried to see what sunglasses he was wearing. It turned out to be Ray Ban sunglasses. I am not sure what model he was wearing exactly, but they were Ray Ban Aviator styles.

Once again, it is amazing how much people love their Ray Ban sunglasses for many many years now. It has been popular 20 years ago and it is still popular nowadays. Even the most popular styles did not change since then. Ray Ban was popular with original Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and Aviator sunglasses back then and these 2 styles are still crazy popular for any generation of people.

For those of you who still don’t owe a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses I strongly recommend to check out their collection on our website! :)
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17 Oct

I have recently written a post in my sunglasses blog about Pupil Distance and why this measurement is a must when you order glasses on line. A lot of people found this entry useful, so I decided to talk little bit more about other facial measurements that opticians take.

When you order eyeglasses with single vision lenses, the prescription provided by your eye care professional and PD is usually all you need. If you decide to get bifocal glasses, you will also need to know Segment Height measurement for the frame you choose. This measurement determines the height of the reading area of the lens. Why is it necessary to get an accurate seg height measurement when ordering bifocal sunglasses or eyeglasses? Because if the reading segment of the lens is misplaced, you will have to bend your neck backwards or pull the eye glasses down the nose when reading.…
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08 Oct

I have been receiving a lot of questions lately about what gradient lenses are and how they look in sunglasses. The main purpose of gradient lenses is fashion! However, there is an advantage to the lenses too. If you are working outside and need to read a lot you don’t have to take off your glasses anymore to be able to see what is written on the paper.

Gradient lenses are lighter on the bottom and darker at the top with slight transition in the middle. Sunglasses with gradient lenses look very modern. If you look at our celebrities, most of them have gradient lenses in sunglasses. What makes it easier to read is whenever you look down to read you will look through a lighter part of the lens.

Personally, I like the way gradient lenses look. I think they add a mystery to your face and that attracts others. I would recommend for all of us to owe at least one pair of sunglasses with gradient lenses for those days when we are not sure what mood we ar in. :) D&G sunglasses and Vogue sunglasses have many models available with gradient lenses by default. Plus, now we can …
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01 Oct

Jersey Girl in Ray Ban RB2140 sunglasses

My mom was searching online, and found a picture of Jersey Girl wearing Ray Ban RB2140 sunglasses with Dark Turquoise frame and silver mirror lenses. She fell in love with the funky color of that frame. She, right away, asked me to get them for her, knowing that Optics Planet have all Ray Ban sunglasses. :)

Now, whenever, she wears them to the park or outside, she gets tons of compliments. It is amazing how people will never try something new themselves. I am talking about the new funky color collection that Ray Ban came out with. Teenagers love them, but older people are scared to look silly. However, when they see someone famous wear them, they want to buy it right away.

I am pretty sure that at least few people bought themselves same sunglasses after seeing my mom in them. And it is totally fine to try out new things, even if that includes wearing bright sunglasses. Ray Ban sunglasses are made for all group ages!…
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