15 Sep

Large Lenses vs Small Lenses in Sunglasses.

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I went camping recently. While being there I got into a fight with one of the guys there. I was wearing Vogue sunglasses with large lenses, and he said that he doesn’t like sunglasses like that since he can not see my face. So, I told him that it is a personal choice that person chooses himself. It might be true that smaller lenses look classier, but it does not mean that large lenses look bad or have no benefits.

Large lenses cover your eyes more, therefore, blocking more of the UV rays from the sun. At the same time, it does not make any face look bad just because other people can not see their face. Most people look great in sunglasses with large lenses. Others look good in sunglasses with small lenses.

Most sunglasses brands are making both styles of sunglasses nowadays. Look at one of the most popular brands like Ray Ban sunglasses. They have many models with small lenses, and for some reason it is more popular for men then women. They also have many models with large lenses they look modern and stylish. Same think with Ray Ban prescription eyeglasses. So, do not listen to other people if they are telling you that large or small lenses look bad just because they think that.


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  1. Hi,
    Sorry about your experience. I advise people with chubby faces to wear larger glasses which suits them well and people with skinny faces should wear small or medium sized glasses. What you think? Wear that which suits you the best.

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