02 Sep

Something About Ray Ban Polarized Lenses

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I received an email from one of our customers asking me if Ray Ban RB8302 sunglasses come with lenses that have Anti-reflective and Hydro-oleophobic coatings. That was a question I have never had before and I started researching it.

At first I made a mistake and told him that these coatings were not included with the lenses because that information is not in the catalogue. However, I made a huge mistake. Ray Ban, actually came out with a new Tech sunglasses collection. Currently, they have 4 models of sunglasses: RB8301, RB8302, RB8303 and RB8304. They come with new Carbon Fiber frame material which is very lightweight, strong and flexible. The lenses in these models come with anti-reflective and hydro-oleophobic coatings. Hydro-oleophobic coating means that lenses are permanently protected against water and fingerprints marks. Water will simply slide of the lenses. Â

When it comes to Ray Ban prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, you can order AR coating as an additional coating because it is not included with any lenses by default.


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  1. Daniel da Silva

    I have bought a Ray Ban RB8301 tech 3P plus. It has just arrived and there might be a problem with this sunglasses. When holding the sunglasses with the lenses facing away and the earpieces pointing to you, there’s a strong blue reflex. When wearing it, depending on the sunlight position, I don’t know why but when sunlight comes from your back this reflex appears and as a result I got a strong headache minutes later. Even when driving there are some flashing blue reflex.

    Is this blue reflex right? or there’s a quality problem with this lenses? Have you ever heard about that before?

    Best regards,


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