Monthly Archives: September 2009

15 Sep

I went camping recently. While being there I got into a fight with one of the guys there. I was wearing Vogue sunglasses with large lenses, and he said that he doesn’t like sunglasses like that since he can not see my face. So, I told him that it is a personal choice that person chooses himself. It might be true that smaller lenses look classier, but it does not mean that large lenses look bad or have no benefits.

Large lenses cover your eyes more, therefore, blocking more of the UV rays from the sun. At the same time, it does not make any face look bad just because other people can not see their face. Most people look great in sunglasses with large lenses. Others look good in sunglasses with small lenses.

Most sunglasses brands are making both styles of sunglasses nowadays. Look at one of the most popular brands like Ray Ban sunglasses. They have many models with small lenses, and for some reason it is more popular for men then women. They also have many models with large lenses they look modern and stylish. Same think with Ray Ban prescription eyeglasses. So, do not …
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10 Sep

I had a customer, recently, who called me to thank me for our great customer service. He was very worried at first when he decided to buy Wiley X Prescription sunglasses online. He said that Optics Planet website looked very good, but he was afraid to have the online shopping experience.

He called us for an advice and our eyewear specialist was very helpful and answered all of his questions. Then, he found an online store that had lower prices and we price matched the price for him. He placed an order, and was very pleasantly surprised with the quality and fast service that he got. He, now, loves his sunglasses and would not trade them for anything.

Optics Planet is a company that is here to provide you with the best possible customer service experience. We try to have the best pricing, but if you find a lower price anywhere, we will be happy to price match that price for you. We offer great authentic collections of Serengeti Prescription sunglasses and Bolle Prescription sunglasses. We will custom make Ray Ban Prescription sunglasses for you as well.

Take a look at our eyewear collection! Don’t be scared to shop …
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02 Sep

I received an email from one of our customers asking me if Ray Ban RB8302 sunglasses come with lenses that have Anti-reflective and Hydro-oleophobic coatings. That was a question I have never had before and I started researching it.

At first I made a mistake and told him that these coatings were not included with the lenses because that information is not in the catalogue. However, I made a huge mistake. Ray Ban, actually came out with a new Tech sunglasses collection. Currently, they have 4 models of sunglasses: RB8301, RB8302, RB8303 and RB8304. They come with new Carbon Fiber frame material which is very lightweight, strong and flexible. The lenses in these models come with anti-reflective and hydro-oleophobic coatings. Hydro-oleophobic coating means that lenses are permanently protected against water and fingerprints marks. Water will simply slide of the lenses. Â

When it comes to Ray Ban prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, you can order AR coating as an additional coating because it is not included with any lenses by default.…
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