11 Aug

Why buy tactical goggles..

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Optics Planet works closely with military and law enforcement personnel. Many of them buy goggles needed for work. They definitely need goggles that will protect their eyes, no matter what happens on the field. We have many different brands of tactical goggles available. You will ask why not buy any other goggles. Tactical goggles come with ballistic lenses. These lenses are great for protecting the eyes especially if you have a bullet flying into you or a bomb that can blow up any minute. We have a few brands that specialize in tactical goggles. Wiley X is one of them. We had many customers who bought Wiley X goggles from us. They, later on, send us pictures of them showing that if it wasn’t for the goggles they would be blind.

We also have ESS goggles which have a special line of goggles made for firefighters. They come with a special lens coating to protect the eyes in case of a fire. ESS has developed one of the best protective eyewear that delivers peak performance in extreme situations!ESS Goggles

I strongly recommend buying tactical goggles if you use them for military, motorcycle riding, or shooting. Regular goggles will not save your eyes if something happens.


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