06 Aug

People’s reaction to Ray Ban Sunglasses..

Posted by Kristina on

Over the weekend I went to the Renaissance Fair in Wisconsin. I had a wonderful time, but what amazed me the most is that people were complimenting me the whole time, people who I don’t even know.

I was not wearing anything special, although many people were dressed up there. I was wearing jeans and a white shirt. However, I also was wearing my Ray Ban RB3267 sunglasses which I love. When the first person told me that my sunglasses are very nice I didn’t really pay any attention, but after a while I noticed that people really do not their Ray Ban sunglasses. I had so many compliments about them. The interesting part is that everybody likes them, men and women, teenagers and older people. All of these people know that I was wearing Ray Ban.

I knew that Ray Ban sunglasses are popular, but I had no idea how much people really love them. I told them that I work for Optics Planet and that we have the whole Ray Ban sunglasses collection. Few people took my work phone number and actually called me on Monday to place an order for a pair of Ray Bans. Â


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