04 Aug

Wiley X Rx News!

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Our company annual picnic was last Sunday. We had many of our vendors visiting us that day. Our representative from Wiley X lab was visiting and she gave us a small training on all the Wiley X sunglasses.

If you are looking for smaller frame sunglasses, then I would definitely recommend Wiley X XL-1 sunglasses. They are very petite and will fit men and women who are looking for smaller sunglasses. If you are looking for a larger frame, then you should definitely try Wiley X SG-1 sunglasses. We got to play with all of these frames and it is amazing what they can do. You can, pretty much, bend the frame in any way and it will not break, it will not even bend. They are very flexible and very comfortable to wear. Not only that you will feel great when wearing Wiley X, but they will also protect you from all the dust and wind.

When it comes to ordering Wiley X prescription sunglasses, you have to keep in mind that higher prescriptions will not work in most of the frames due to a frame curve. However, Wiley X SG-1 sunglasses will take higher prescription.

Since Wiley X sunglasses are made for military, sports and motorcycle riding, don’t forget that you can also order Ray Ban sunglasses and Serengeti sunglasses with your prescription if Wiley X is not the style that you are looking for.


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