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26 Aug

Great news! Optics Planet added my favorite shades by Roberto Cavalli to their sunglasses collection. I love Roberto Cavalli sunglasses for the style and performance. I really have to give Roberto credit for coming up with such a great idea as a snake theme. If you never noticed before take a look at all of Cavalli’s products. They have a snake idea hidden in all of them: sunglasses, perfumes, etc… It looks great on sunglasses, looks very presentable and elegant.

Roberto Cavalli likes to use Swarovski crystals on his sunglasses. You should really take a look at those sunglasses, it looks like they have real diamonds on it. I fell in love with Roberto Cavalli sunglasses collection as soon as I first saw them and now, we finally added them to our sunglasses collection in Optics Planet. I encourage everybody to take a look at the new Roberto Cavalli sunglasses collection that we offer. I am sure that you will not find better pricing anywhere!!

P.S. I bought 2 pairs for myself already..:)…
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14 Aug

There are many activities that we do on every day basis that require our eyes to be protected. Most of the time, we don’t even think about that. Lab workers or construction workers have to protect their eyes from all the particles and chemicals they work with. I saw construction personnel working without any type of eyewear so many times. Safety glasses are a must in cases like that. What if something happens around you or the wind will blow the other way and you will get pieces of something flying into your eye! It can damage our eyes forever.

Pyramex safety glasses are a leader between all safety glasses brands. They are great for laboratories and for constructions, for remodeling or for just cutting grass. These safety glasses are not very expensive, but they will definitely save your eyes and save you money in a long run.…
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11 Aug

Optics Planet works closely with military and law enforcement personnel. Many of them buy goggles needed for work. They definitely need goggles that will protect their eyes, no matter what happens on the field. We have many different brands of tactical goggles available. You will ask why not buy any other goggles. Tactical goggles come with ballistic lenses. These lenses are great for protecting the eyes especially if you have a bullet flying into you or a bomb that can blow up any minute. We have a few brands that specialize in tactical goggles. Wiley X is one of them. We had many customers who bought Wiley X goggles from us. They, later on, send us pictures of them showing that if it wasn’t for the goggles they would be blind.

We also have ESS goggles which have a special line of goggles made for firefighters. They come with a special lens coating to protect the eyes in case of a fire. ESS has developed one of the best protective eyewear that delivers peak performance in extreme situations!ESS Goggles

I strongly recommend buying tactical goggles if you use them for military, motorcycle riding, or shooting. Regular goggles will not save …
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06 Aug

Over the weekend I went to the Renaissance Fair in Wisconsin. I had a wonderful time, but what amazed me the most is that people were complimenting me the whole time, people who I don’t even know.

I was not wearing anything special, although many people were dressed up there. I was wearing jeans and a white shirt. However, I also was wearing my Ray Ban RB3267 sunglasses which I love. When the first person told me that my sunglasses are very nice I didn’t really pay any attention, but after a while I noticed that people really do not their Ray Ban sunglasses. I had so many compliments about them. The interesting part is that everybody likes them, men and women, teenagers and older people. All of these people know that I was wearing Ray Ban.

I knew that Ray Ban sunglasses are popular, but I had no idea how much people really love them. I told them that I work for Optics Planet and that we have the whole Ray Ban sunglasses collection. Few people took my work phone number and actually called me on Monday to place an order for a pair of Ray Bans.  …
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04 Aug

Our company annual picnic was last Sunday. We had many of our vendors visiting us that day. Our representative from Wiley X lab was visiting and she gave us a small training on all the Wiley X sunglasses.

If you are looking for smaller frame sunglasses, then I would definitely recommend Wiley X XL-1 sunglasses. They are very petite and will fit men and women who are looking for smaller sunglasses. If you are looking for a larger frame, then you should definitely try Wiley X SG-1 sunglasses. We got to play with all of these frames and it is amazing what they can do. You can, pretty much, bend the frame in any way and it will not break, it will not even bend. They are very flexible and very comfortable to wear. Not only that you will feel great when wearing Wiley X, but they will also protect you from all the dust and wind.

When it comes to ordering Wiley X prescription sunglasses, you have to keep in mind that higher prescriptions will not work in most of the frames due to a frame curve. However, Wiley X SG-1 sunglasses will take higher prescription.…
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