07 Jun

Advantages of Transition lenses

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Not too many people have perfect vision nowadays. A lot of people wear eyeglasses. However, all of those people have to have at least 2 pairs of eyewear: prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses, especially if they leave in a sunny state like California. You need a pair of sunglasses when you are outside to protect your eyes from the sun and eye fatigue. I am pretty sure many people are already aware of transition lenses. However, I want to tell the rest of the people that there is a great alternative for having 2 different pairs of prescription eyewear.

Transition lenses are the lenses that darken when exposed to direct UV radiation (sunlight) and lighten indoors or in sunlight absence. Therefore, you no longer need to spend more money to have prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Transition lenses fully darken under direct sunlight and perform just like any other sunglasses. Another advantage of transition lenses is that they will adjust to the lighting conditions. So, if it is not too bright outside but at the same time to sunny not too wear sunglasses, transition lenses will adjust to the condition for your eyes to feel comfortable.

Most of out prescription eyewear is avalable to order with transition lenses.I encourage everyone to, at least, consider transition lenses next time you will be buying prescription eyewear! :)


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