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25 Jun

Rec Specs Shark Prescription Swim GogglesWith summer time upon us I would like to take the time to stress in my sunglasses blog how important swimming goggles are while we’re underwater. Whether you are in a lake, the ocean, or the local pool it is always important to keep your eyes safe. Not only are swimming goggles helpful when thinking about eye safety but they’re fun also. In a lake or the ocean there can be harmful particles in the water that can get into our eyes.

Algae, little sticks, and bacteria are just a few of the things that may harm our eyes. In the local pool the chlorine is very bad for the eyes. It dries out our eyes and could cause damage long term. So this summer please be safe and have a blast using our prescription swimming goggles underwater!!!…
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22 Jun

D&G DD 2192 Sunglasses I just wanted to give you all an update on D&G and Vogue sunglasses. My rep came to visit me a couple of days ago. We had a lot of fun looking at the new models of D&G sunglasses and Vogue sunglasses that are already out for sale this season. Sunglasses look great! They are colorful and fun looking, at the same time they are professional and classy.

Some of the new models are D&G DD2192 sunglasses and D&G DD8022 sunglasses. For the Vogue sunglasses take a look at Vogue VO2406S sunglasses and Vogue VO3665S sunglasses. It does not conclude the list of all new models.Vogue VO2406S Sunglasses

The great part about these new models is that most of them are available in a prescription sunglasses form.…
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18 Jun

Just a little reminder! Father’s day is coming up in few days. I am sure that lots of people still didn’t buy anything for their fathers (I am one of these people :)). What could be a better gift for fathers than a pair of good sunglasses?! Prescription sunglasses would be even better, especially if your father has bad vision.

Take a look at Serengeti sunglasses as your gift option. These sunglasses have great performance. They are, also, very classy looking sunglasses and will fit most face types and sizes.

Ray Ban would be another great gift option for your dads. Ray Ban sunglasses have been popular for many many years now and I am sure your father would be thrilled to get those as a gift!…
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12 Jun

Happy 4th of JulyThis year’s 4th of July happens to be on Saturday. I am not sure if some of you will have Friday off since Saturday is a weekend. However, I am sure that it will be sunny and that most people will spend their whole day outside celebrating. It will be very sunny and uncomfortable for your eyes to be outside the whole day. This is a perfect time to buy sunglasses if you still don’t have any and still receive them on time for the holiday.

I want to introduce the most popular sunglasses that are always in stock and ready to ship to you at any time. Serengeti Aviator sunglasses have been popular for a long time and still are!! You will not go wrong with aviator style sunglasses.

Another great pair to consider is Ray Ban RB4091 sunglasses which are very shick and cool looking for this season.

And, don’t forget about Bolle Parole sunglasses which are great for sports and every day activities. The lenses are very durable and you will not have to worry about dropping the glasses and breaking the lens.

Happy 4th of July and remember not to drink and drive!! :)
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07 Jun

Not too many people have perfect vision nowadays. A lot of people wear eyeglasses. However, all of those people have to have at least 2 pairs of eyewear: prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses, especially if they leave in a sunny state like California. You need a pair of sunglasses when you are outside to protect your eyes from the sun and eye fatigue. I am pretty sure many people are already aware of transition lenses. However, I want to tell the rest of the people that there is a great alternative for having 2 different pairs of prescription eyewear.

Transition lenses are the lenses that darken when exposed to direct UV radiation (sunlight) and lighten indoors or in sunlight absence. Therefore, you no longer need to spend more money to have prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Transition lenses fully darken under direct sunlight and perform just like any other sunglasses. Another advantage of transition lenses is that they will adjust to the lighting conditions. So, if it is not too bright outside but at the same time to sunny not too wear sunglasses, transition lenses will adjust to the condition for your eyes to feel comfortable.

Most of …
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