25 May

Why spend more money on custom prescription eyeglasses?!

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We had a customer who asked why he should spend more money on custom made prescription eyeglasses if he can buy glasses in one of those large supermarket pharmacy stores and spend much less. I want to tell you all why it would be more beneficial to spend more now and save more in a long run.

As far as I know such stores sell only reading glasses that come with premanufactured lenses. The price usually varies from $15.00 to $20.00 and the magnification is the same in both lenses. These are “brand-less” glasses (it usually just says “Made in China” on the temples) with no warranty. As a matter of rule the lenses are made from the cheapest plastic material and in very rare cases are coated for UV protection. But you are getting what you pay for – a cheap pair of reading eyeglasses.

Please keep in mind that these glasses are good only for reading or looking at any close objects. If you have myopia, and/or astigmatism, or presbyopia; or if you have different prescription in the right and left eyes, you will need to order custom made eyeglasses or prescription sun glasses. You can either order the glasses from your optician or take the script and buy new eyeglasses from one of the prescription glasses on line stores like OpticsPlanet or Shoptics. Both on line and local optical stores usually specialize in designer brand-name eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses that stand for their quality and offer full warranty. They cost more, but you get authentic brand new designer frames with perfect optical Rx lenses. On-line stores charge much less than local opticians. And to tell you the truth, when you order from an optician your Rx lenses will probably be made by the same lab some on-line retailer uses. You will get the same quality buying from an on-line store much cheaper.

That’s definitely a personal choice. If you don’t need far vision correction and would like to have cheap reading glasses that you can carry in your pocket and put them on from time to time to read something, that’s a good option. But if you are looking for high performance, perfect optical quality, and maximum UV protection, welcome to one of the professional Eyewear Stores!


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