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29 May

Bolle has always been known as a manufacturer of outstanding sports sunglasses. But should the great fashion-forward style be sacrificed to outstanding optics, performance and safety? Of course, NOT! And Bolle proves it with their new 2009 sunglasses collection and offers a great combination of state of the art optics, lightweight frames and unique styles.

 A few years ago Bole introduced some bold designs like Bolle Belmont, Bolle Tease that were specifically tailored for women. The frames follow the latest fashion trends and are slightly oversized offering classy and sophisticated look. These sunglasses have been so successful, that this season Bolle decided to add a few more styles to the women’s collection including Bolle Ruby and Bolle Queen glasses.

Visit OpticsPlanet’s collection of Bolle sunglasses for the latest models. OpticsPlanet is an authorized Bolle dealer and sells only authentic Bolle eyeglasses, sunglasses, and goggles. You can also get your favorite Bolle frames with original Bolle prescription lenses – check out the Bolle prescription sunglasses collection for a full list of prescription sun glasses models.…
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25 May

We had a customer who asked why he should spend more money on custom made prescription eyeglasses if he can buy glasses in one of those large supermarket pharmacy stores and spend much less. I want to tell you all why it would be more beneficial to spend more now and save more in a long run.

As far as I know such stores sell only reading glasses that come with premanufactured lenses. The price usually varies from $15.00 to $20.00 and the magnification is the same in both lenses. These are “brand-less” glasses (it usually just says “Made in China” on the temples) with no warranty. As a matter of rule the lenses are made from the cheapest plastic material and in very rare cases are coated for UV protection. But you are getting what you pay for – a cheap pair of reading eyeglasses.

Please keep in mind that these glasses are good only for reading or looking at any close objects. If you have myopia, and/or astigmatism, or presbyopia; or if you have different prescription in the right and left eyes, you will need to order custom made eyeglasses or prescription sun glasses. You can either …
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22 May

Hi everyone. I would like to give you heads-up. I have just met my Serengeti rep and he gave me more info on the new Serengeti NXT PhD Rx lenses they are going to introduce this summer. As I have already mentioned in my previous post, Serengeti Cornea Glass Rx lenses will be available in single vision form only. Prescription sunglasses with the new Serengeti NXT PhD Rx lenses will be available in both single vision and progressive forms.

I was informed that the new lens will feature the same optical quality and photochromic properties that the current glass lenses feature. The only difference will be that Serengeti prescription glasses with the new lenses will be lighter in weight and allow higher prescriptions. I will keep you posted 😉…
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19 May

I need to let you know that there was a change in Serengeti Progressive Prescription lenses. Glass lenses are no longer available in a progressive form. However, it is still available in a single vision form. Until June 1st there are no progressive lenses available from Serengeti Prescription sunglasses collection.

After June 1st they will start making Trivex lenses (called Polar PHD) in a progressive prescription form. The cost should be about the same for the new lens material. Trivex lenses will still come with the same Serengeti lens technology, but now it will be lighter and should be able to take higher prescriptions.

If you are looking for progressive prescription lenses made out of glass, please take a look at Ray Ban prescription sunglasses.…
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15 May

I missed you!! I wasn’t able to write anything for few days because I was conducting sunglasses training for our company. While conducting the training I touched up on a subject that I want to talk to you about.

When I was child my parents and all their friends were buying sunglasses. They way they were choosing sunglasses always amazed me. They always said that real sunglasses only come with glass green lenses. I got used to that fact and grew up thinking that all other sunglasses can damage our eyes.

Serengeti SunglassesNow, that I am an eyewear specialist, I understand why they thought that glass green lenses are the best. Glass lenses have the best visual quality. It is really amazing how sharp the objects are when you are looking through a glass lens. Most popular brands of sunglasses, like Ray Ban and Serengeti, come with glass lenses. However, nowadays there are more great lens materials available than there were 20 years ago. Polycarbonate lenses are very similar to glass. They come with a good visual quality and they are much lighter than glass. Polycarbonate lenses are definitely better for sports than glass because they are very durable.…
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01 May

I have been receiving many inquires about what Pupil Distance (PD) measurement means when it comes to ordering prescription sunglasses. I decided to explain what PD measurement really is. PD measurement is a must for all prescription orders for it insures that your prescription lenses in your glasses are aligned properly in front of the eyes. It is the distance between your 2 pupils. Usually, you can call your doctor for that measurement if it is not written on your prescription. However, sometimes doctors don’t give out that information. In that case you can simply measure it yourself while you are looking straight at yourself in a mirror. PD is usually measured in millimeters. So, next time your order prescription sunglasses you do not have to wonder what PD measurement is that we will be asking for.…
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