30 Apr

Update on Serengeti prescription Sunglasses!

Posted by Kristina on

I am not sure if all of you heard about this. The S logo in the Serengeti Prescription lab is broken for about 4 weeks now. All Serengeti prescription sunglasses that are being prepared now do no longer have the S logo on the lenses. Lab does not have the ETA on when the S logo machine will be fixed because it is a very expensive piece of machinery and takes a lot of time to be fixed.

I wanted to let all of you know that, even thought, the S logo is no longer on the lenses, the lenses are still authentic Serengeti lenses. Lenses are still being made with the same Serengeti lens technology. Except for the S logo, nothing has been changed about how the lenses are made. All Serengeti prescription lenses are still made from only the finest materials in the world. They are still Photochromic, and come with Spectral control. I want to assure you that all Serengeti prescription lenses are still the same lenses that we so much enjoy!!


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